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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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emily: good morning, i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price. this morning on the eyeopener, a massachusetts native was shot and killed in a california popular tourist spot. the unexpected circumstances that led to a shocking crime. emily: tragedy in kansas, world's biggest water slide. the previous concerns raising concerns on this ride. randy: a person of interest named a month after this woman was shot to death. emily: a pretty cool start, mike. mike: temperatures in the 50's if some spots, lots of 60's. the city has held on to some of the heat but a comfortable day to start things off. look at the satellite picture.
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you don't see clouds around us widening out the view. a little bit of a northwesterly flow will keep a dry air mass over the top of us today but there will be humidity in the forecast. here's how it looks today. the satellite picture shows not much else going on. wall to wall sunshine. we have to wait for tomorrow to get a few clouds. the temperatures ramp themselves up to the 8 0's. it's one of those days a weak sea breeze will keep things cooler but inland will be what happens to the temperatures. we'll ramp them up and add the humidity in the forecast and by the time we get to wednesday we'll talk about threat of thunderstorms. some of those storms could be strong and the time line of those coming in in a few moments. let's check in on the morning traffic. how are things, olessa? olessa: this is a check eastbound up at the top of the screen, problem free start. the rest of your ride, same story, overnight construction.
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mass avenue and route 395, all issue free. more construction along 128 south by route 2 to route 2-a that will clear in a couple minutes and so far we're expecting trains and buses to start on schedule. emily? emily: thanks. breaking overnight, two people, one an american, are missing believed to have been kidnapped on the road to kabul. they are employees of the american university of afghanistan. the the main road and were taken from their vehicle by five gunmen wearing military uniforms and we'll bring you information as we get it. police are searching for was pects while a lowell native was killed and others played pokemon go. randy: we have more on what we knew. >> calvin riley grew up here and went to emaccurate conception school before his
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people on both coasts are shocked. he was a freshman at san joaquin delta college where he played for the school's basketball team but on saturday he was playing that popular pokemon go game in san francisco's gir auldy square when police say he was shot in the back. he was there with a friend on a crowded night in that popular tourist spot. the family friend said the killing came out of nowhere. >> from what we know there was no confrontation or nothing said and it was senseless and shot in the back for nothing. >> police say riley wasn't robbed and his friends say they noticed someone watching them from nearby but since so many people were playing "pokemon" go in the park they didn't think anything of it. police are hoping witnesses come forward to provide more clues why he died. riley spent most of his time teaching kids basketball like his dad did here many years.
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emily: police in connecticut say the father of a young mother shot and killed in new bedford is a person of interest in her death. 19-year-old sabrina da silva was gunned down in front of her apartment last month and her father was arrested in bridgeport on friday as a fugitive from justice. we'll be in court today for an extradition hearing. he's not facing charges for the shooting. randy: lowell police investigating after gunfire sent bullets flying through the window of a home. this incident happened last nigh everett street. two rounds went through the window. one person was inside at the time but were not hurt. emily: a new hampshire man is facing a variety of charges after he was pulled over for driving under the influence. he had a 7 month old child in the car. 37-year-old shawn gardner's girlfriend called police to report abuse yesterday. he was stopped and arrested along i-93 and will be in court later on child endangerment and assault charges. randy: investigators are
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little boy was killed on a ride billed as the world's largest water slide. safety of the ride is being called into question and we are following developments of the tragedy. >> the water slide is 168 feet tall and drops 70 miles an hour and will be closed today as the investigation gets underway. it's not clear exactly how 10-year-old caleb schwab died. riders must be 54 inches tall to ride it and they wear a velcro and shoulders. a spokesperson from the kansas city park promised answers. >> right now the focus is on the family. i understand the feeling you want a lot of information right now and you will get that information shortly. emily: the slide opened in 2014 and encountered problems early on including practice tests that sent sandbags to be used in place of people flying. the ride was later redesigned.
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randy and emily? emily: this morning we're hearing from one of the men flying this plane missing a wheel in beverly. the pilot said he knew something was wrong seconds after takeoff. bruno: took off and turned right like i was supposed to come and started feeling a little bit weird, the airplane, started to hear a noise. emily: his instructor took controls turning towards the airport, the right landing gear barely hanging on. bruno: he did his part. let's keep calm and fly the airplane, it's important. if you panic right now, it's not a good thing. let's do what we're supposed to do and everything will work well for us. emily: the single engine piper stayed above the airport for about an hour to give firefighters a chance to get ready but without the gear the landing was text book. randy: gunfire and injuries are under investigation in worcester.
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bullet pierced a home injuring two women. they rushed from stray bullets on perry avenue. the gunman missing his intended target but coming through the wall of the hair saloon. >> she was doing her hair and when the bullet went through the wall and hit her leg. >> in shock, like what happened? it was a gunshot. randy: the women inside were not seriously injured. investigating graffiti. it says "kill cops." it appeared at a state park on livingston street last weekend and are not aware of surveillance video in the area. so far there are no suspects. >> we take it very seriously like any other crime or report of malicious damage or any kind of thing. that's why we always look into them to see what happens. emily: police ask anyone with information to give them a
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in abington where flames broke out at harrison avenue after noon. the fire chief said the fire likely started on the front porch. firefighters were forced to fight the fire from outside until they had enough manpower to go in. firefighters from six neighboring towns helped out. they worked quickly to cut the fire off from heavy wind and high heat. >> if any small fires begin in the weather condition with the drought it immediately will spread and get into the structure which possibly tha randy: no one injured in the fire. the home received extensive damage but will be able to be rebuilt. emily: more swimming and gymnastics in rio after a golden start to the games for team u.s.a. looking at the medal count now, the u.s. in the lead with 12 including three gold medals. michael phelps showing why he's the most decorated athlete in history.
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u.s.a. to a gold finish in the relay and came after the american katie ledecky got things started by crushing her own world record in the 400 freestyle and has been trying to beat that time for two years. our own aly raisman is officially in the hunt for another medal based to what she called the best bars routine of her life. the gymnast is just behind teammate simone biles tweeting worked so hard. we love you guys. thanks, brazil for chanting" u.s.a." in the arena. that's cool. randy: you captured her enthusiasm. emily: she deserves to be excited. they thought it was a good plan. randy: thieves targeting a local jewelry store cutting a hole in the roof and trying to get inside, something they didn't count on and they're sitting in a jail cell this
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emily: thieves targeting your phone. the dirty tricks they're using to steal your money. mike: a comfortable start to
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randy: 18 before 5:00 this monday morning, a jewelry heist busted before the thieves made it out the door. the pair cut a hole through the roof of this store in providence and then climbed through, hanging on to an extension cord. in the process, they tripped the security alarm. that tipped off the police and the two men arrested in a parking lot right behind the store. nothing was taken since the jewels are all locked up in the overnight hours but the would-be robbers did plenty of
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>> there's a hole in the ceiling and the sky light and just it's a lot of cleanup. randy: business has been a staple in providence for 20 years now. the owners have already brought in a contractor to patch up that hole in the roof. emily: 4:43. good news at the pump. the plunging gas prices ahead in your economy today. a consumer alert, hackers going after your phone and money.
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emily: pretty pleasant overnight, huh? mike: you have a nice weekend?
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randy: a little on the warm side. how about rain? mike: some place has downpours. and we need rain out there. it's incredibly dry. so far for the month in boston we've only picked up .06 of an inch of rain. we should have an inch so far. we should be adding another eight inches on top of things. it's extremely dry and will stay that way today. we have a northwesterly flow. the o weather looks unsettled and we may have several chances this week to get some nice rain showers. the satellite picture, you're waking up to crystal clear skies and it's cool and refreshing as well. beautiful start to your day. in boston it's a warmer spot at 72 degrees. the city holding on to the heat and winds out of the north-northwest at 9 miles per hour. the dew point is down to 55 degrees. that's a very comfortable range for us. the humidity is bolted up here with the dry air in place.
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this week. humidity will lift its way northward and fine for tomorrow but by wednesday here comes the mess over the top of us and it will get sticky out there. today sunny skies at 84-88. a weak sea breeze may develop and be near the shoreline and drop the temperatures a few degrees and most of us will be in the 80's but with humidity won't find it uncomfortable. tonight clear skies and comfortable conditions with another nice sleeping night. high pressure is in control of the flow but as high pressure drifts off the return flow comes from the southwest and you notice what happens, humidity comes in and showers and thunderstorms show up in the forecast especially as we get to weapons' forecast and that's our best opportunity for seeing thunderstorms. let me break it down. today, low humidity at 86 degrees. tomorrow, pleasant day out there with the temperature around 88 degrees. you notice what will happen with the humidity. we're nice tuesday but
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uncomfortable range and sets us up for the chance for thunderstorms on wednesday. a frontal boundary is coming through where it's hot and humid. the main focus will be out to the north and west. and i impacted it for a high weather day because the potential is out there for storms. and then wednesday a humid, muggy day with temperatures 92 degrees and is unceltsed friday, saturday and sunday. it looks like three days of rain. it's not. it's aen we need every drop of rain we can get so any of those opportunities sitting out there, i would not cancel plans with, they're not washout days. emily: are we looking at a potential heat wave? mike: we'll get close to it. it's been 89 degrees three days in a row and missed it by this much. olessa: a live look at the expressway and there's a check
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fairly quiet this morning with a couple overnight construction projects that should wrap up shortly. 93 south looked good and there's work on the expressway by mass avenue and making your way south out of broxton, we're watching it and route 3 looks good and along the pike 53 minutes eastbound, 495-128. 93 south looked good and 128 south to route 2 to 2-a is under construction and the trains and buses are on schedule. randy? there's a new warning about your cell phone. identity thieves are finding new ways to hack your account and from there they could use your information to steal from you. one family discovered thieves gained access to a online account creating fake degrees and took over. they brought three new iphones on that account. the damage can go beyond your phone account and some thieves gain access to personal information like credit cards.
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worth of charges i didn't make. and they called my cell phone to see if it's actually a fraudulent charge or not. the thief has my number and he can say sure, yeah. randy: experts say call your carrier and set up a pass code or pin to add an extra layer of security. emily: to your economy, welcomed news for anyone taking a summer road trip. gas prices are down for the ninth straight week. the average price i 16, down 55 cents from this time to last year. the average in massachusetts is 2:11. wall street opened to a positive note after stocks jumped to highs after the jobs report. stocks rose overnight as investors were reassured. right now dow futures are up. randy: a successful experiment in tewksbury. they shut down the street to
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packed with shoppers. the event featured live music, open air booths and dining. the goal is to gain new customers and boston's mayor marty walsh was hoping it would be good for businesses and would spill beyond newbury street. >> most who come on newbury aren't driving and are taking transportation or getting delopped off. walking is a great for the city to showcase our city is with a really happens businesses to see if it was a success and do it again. your trending stories this monday morning, a box office smash, "suicide squad" raking in $145 million, it survived scathing reviews and is the biggest opening and set a new record for a august film debut. emily: alex rodriguez is ending his lengthy major league
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friday against tampa bay. the 41-year-old is a american league m.v.p. and four-time all-star and may be most remembers for sitting out the longest doping suspension in baseball history and will take on a new role as special advisor for the yankees starting next spring training. randy: all right. the ball is ready to go. this is a trick shot you don't want to miss. check it out. mr. maddux is the head basketball presbyterian school in nashville. he's a trick shot artist beyond. maddux showed off his skills at the omni nashville olet, raining a lot from the roof wall the way down, 250 feet. myself job. emily: fair enough. randy: in your early news to go, breaking news overseas. emily: an american abducted in afghanistan. what we've just learned about
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costs without clipping a single cue pon.
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you can't fake steak. and for lunch try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. randy: five minutes before in your early news to go. emily: two people including an american are missing, believed to have been kidnapped on a road in kabul. an afghan security official said they are employees of the american university of afghanistan. the abduction happened along a main road. the victims taken by their vehicle by five gunmen wearing military uniforms. we'll bring you new information as we get it. randy: police searching for suspects after this lowell native was shot and killed while playing the game pokemon
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tourist spot in san francisco, california. calvin riley was playing the game in ghirdelli square when police say he was shot in the back. police are hoping witnesses will come forward to provide them with some include clues. emily: a tragedy under investigation in kansas. investigators are looking for clues of a this little boy was killed riding the world's largest water slide. that water slide is 168 feet tall and drops at 70 miles an hour. it's unclear exactly how raiders must be 54 to ride and wear a rely crow strap across their shoulder. randy: the bodies of five people along with the family dog were found inside a home. they were shot to death as the youngest just 2 years old. police went to the home after receiving a call from a concerned relative on saturday they stated the gun was found near one of the parents along with a note but the police have
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shot. the economy will be front and center on the campaign trail this week. donald trump set to deliver a speech in detroit on his plans. democrat hillary clinton will be following suit in the same city on thursday. recent polls show clinton gaining ground on economic issues. emily: there will soon be a permanent tribute killed for a woman in a crash. jackie was a her friend started a go fund page to create a memorial near quinnipiac university where bray would have been a sophomore this fall. the red sox closing the series against the dodgers and made three errors, gave up three home runs and david price struggled. two-on base for usagey bets. stocks catching up 6-5 but would be back-to-back home runs
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series against the yankees tomorrow. randy: sharing some incredible video here from one of the satellites for nasa. this is rain falling on the surface of the sun. rain, you see, in the video is actually plasma returning to the sun's surface. the scientists call this phenomenon crsks orona rain and is often triggered by shoal are flairs. emily: rain on the sun, who kn randy: we need rain but not that rain. it's warmer than we would like. mike: speaking of the sun, sun rise is coming up in 45 minutes but we start to lose two minutes of sunlight every day. by the time we get to a couple weeks it's 6:00 a.m. and october 17 it's back to 7:00 a.m. we have some temperatures in the 60-degree range and even in the upper 50's right now with gorgeous skies.
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and nothing showing on the satellite picture and will allow for the beautiful sun rise we're talking about. the sun shine will be with us today and tomorrow. it isn't until this morning where it might change. no rain showing up but a cloud here or there. we saw it yesterday afternoon, where the clouds built up and got a couple sprinkles but it didn't amount to much and don't expect it today. nice temperatures. some places in the 80's and others degrees. only 10 or 11 miles per hour if headed to the beach. should be a nice beach day. should be a sea please that sets up. the high tide comes in at 2:00 this afternoon. the sun ankle is high enough can you get a sunburn in a very short period of time. we'll talk more about when the temperatures get closer to 0
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eyeopener continues. >> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: breaking overnight, an american abducted in afghanistan. new information on the kidnapping in that country's capital. emily: a massachusetts native killed at a popular tourist investigation. the game getting his attention as he was shot in the back. randy: a little boy killed on what could be the world's tallest water slide. it's on this eye for this monday. 's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. emily: 5:00 a.m. on the eye this morning, a big night for swimming, michael phelps winning his 19th gold medal. good morning, i'm emily riemer. randy: mike, welcome in for cindy this morning.


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